Retired Professor of Bio- & Social Statistics (UNESCO, Mombai, Vancouver, Liège, Diepenbeek, Leicester)

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James Keith Lindsey

Major Influences

 David Scott, Ornithologist, University of Western Ontario
 Jim Kalbfleisch, Statistician, University of Waterloo
 Don Alderdice, Marine Biologist, Nanaimo Fisheries Research Station


 Community, Population, and Molecular Ecology
 Development of Scientifically Useful Models and Procedures
 Primary Education in Africa and Asia (Having Resided in India: 1 Year, Indonesia: 3 Months, Madagascar: 2 Months, Morocco: 1 Month)

Nature Pictures

 Ecology of Commanster: Ecological Relationships Among More Than 7800 Species
 Hudson Bay: Ornithological Expedition to McConnell River, 1965

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