Leucocybe [Clitocybe] connata [Lyophyllum connatum] (Schumacher 1803 : Fries) Vizzini, Alvarado, Moreno & Consiglio in Alvarado, Moreno, Vizzini, Consiglio, Manjón & Setti 2015 (Family Incertae sedis)

Saprotrophic, July - January (Earliest: 16.9), Caespitose
Cap: 20-100mm, Stem: 35x5-150x20mm, Gills: L=55-65, I=3-6

Protective Chemicals
Peptides Connatin, Lyophyllin


Spruce Forest Edge

Beech Forest Edge

Memento des Champignons: Lyophylle en Touffe

Pictures © 2003 J.K. Lindsey


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