Plant (Kingdom Plantae) Families

Phylum Chlorophyta Class Chlorophyceae
Order Chaetophorales Chaetophoraceae
Order Chlorococcales Coccomyxaceae
Order Microsporales Microsporaceae
Order Zygnematales Zygnemataceae
Class Ulvophyceae
Order Ulotrichales Ulotrichaceae
Phylum Xanthophyta Class Xanthophyceae
Order Vaucheriales Vaucheriaceae
Phylum Bryophyta Class Bryopsida
Order Bryales Aulacomniaceae Bartramiaceae Bryaceae Mniaceae Orthodontiaceae
Order Dicranales Dicranaceae Ditrichaceae Leucobryaceae Rhabdoweisiaceae
Order Funariales Funariaceae
Order Hypnales Brachytheciaceae
Hypnaceae Leucodontaceae Plagiotheciaceae Sematophyllaceae
Order Pottiales Pottiaceae
Order Orthotrichales Orthotrichaceae
Class Polytrichopsida
Order Polytrichales Polytrichaceae
Order Tetraphidales Tetraphidaceae
Class Sphagnopsida
Order Sphagnales Sphagnaceae
Phylum Marchantiophyta Class Jungermanniopsida
Order Metzgeriales Pelliaceae
Order Jungermanniales Scapaniaceae Trichocoleaceae
Class Marchantiopsida
Order Marchantiales Marchantiaceae
Phylum Lycophyta Class Lycopsida
Order Lycopodiales Lycopodiaceae
Phylum Monilophyta Class Polypodiopsida
Order Polypodiales Blechnaceae Dennstaedtiaceae Dryopteridaceae Thelypteridaceae Woodsiaceae
Class Equisetopsida
Order Equisetales Equisetaceae
Phylum Pinophyta Class Pinopsida
Order Pinales Cupressaceae Pinaceae
Phylum Magnoliophyta Class Dicotyledonopsida
Order Apiales Apiaceae Araliaceae
Order Aquifoliales Aquifoliaceae
Order Asterales Asteraceae Campanulaceae Menyanthaceae
Order Brassicales Brassicaceae
Order Caryophyllales Caryophyllaceae Chenopodiaceae Droseraceae Polygonaceae Portulacaceae
Order Dipsacales Caprifoliaceae Dipsacaceae Valerianaceae
Order Ericales Balsaminaceae Ericaceae Primulaceae
Order Fabales Fabaceae Polygalaceae
Order Fagales Betulaceae Fagaceae
Order Gentianales Apocynaceae Gentianaceae Rubiaceae
Order Geraniales Geraniaceae
Order Lamiales Lamiaceae Oleaceae Orobanchaceae Plantaginaceae Scrophulariaceae
Order Malpighiales Clusiaceae Euphorbiaceae Linaceae Salicaceae Violaceae
Order Malvales Malvaceae
Order Myrtales Onagraceae
Order Nymphaeales Nymphaeaceae
Order Oxalidales Oxalidaceae
Order Ranunculales Papaveraceae Ranunculaceae
Order Rosales Rhamnaceae Rosaceae Urticaceae
Order Santalales Santalaceae
Order Sapindales Sapindaceae
Order Solanales Convolvulaceae
Order Incertae sedis Boraginaceae
Class Monocotyledonopsida
Order Alismatales Lemnaceae Potamogetonaceae
Order Asparagales Amaryllidaceae Orchidaceae
Order Dioscoreales Nartheciaceae
Order Liliales Lilaceae
Order Poales Cyperaceae Juncaceae Poaceae Sparganiaceae Typhaceae

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