Habitat Destruction

Vielsalm Public Employees

Yearly Massacre of Hedges Along Public Paths and Lanes

Early Mowing Along Public Lanes (25 May)

Destruction of Wild Flowers by Scraping Roadsides

Deposing Rubble from Roadsides (left) Along Public Lanes and as Landfill

Horse Riding

Overstocking Wet Meadows

Unleashed Dogs Chasing Wildlife

Erosion of Trails

Destruction of Stream Banks (Natura 2000)

Trampling Undergrowth by Riding Cross-country Off Trails

Land "Reclamation"

Landfill (Natura 2000)

Draining (Natura 2000)

Field Boundaries

Tearing Out Ancient Hedges (Natura 2000)

Encircling Trees with Barbed Wire

Hedgerow Trees Slashed by Hunters


Clear-cutting Along Streams

Mowing Banks of Forest Ponds

Maintaining Drainage Ditches

Felling Ancient Trees Attacked by Fungi

Removing Wind-fallen Trees

Cutting Dead Trees

Natagora Reserve "Management"

Clear-cutting Salix-Betula Forests (Natura 2000)

Burning Lichen- and Moss-covered Dead Wood (Natura 2000)

Pasturing Along Streams and Springs (Natura 2000)

Applying Roundup™ on Salix Stumps (Natura 2000)

Piles of Spruce Branches in Bogs and Mires (Natura 2000)

Top Soil Removal with Piles of Sod (Natura 2000)


Spraying Permanent Meadows with Roundup

Spraying Herbicide next to Organic Farming Fields (foreground)

Early Mowing of Meadows

Replacing Permanent Meadows with Crops


See Some Proposals to Counter Global Destruction

Pictures © 2003, 2004, 2007 J.K. Lindsey

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