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Red-throated Loon (Gavia stellata)

Whistling Swan (Olor columbianus)

Canada Goose (Branta canadensis): Leaving Nest


Snow Geese (Chen hyperborea): Arriving

Nesting Colony

Blue Geese (Chen caerulescens)

Ptarmigan (Lagopus lagopus): Male

Ptarmigan (Lagopus lagopus): Female on Nest


Sandhill Cranes (Grus canadensis)

Dunlin (Erolia alpina)

Red Phalarope (Phalaropus fulicarius)

Parasitic Jaegers (Stercorarius parasiticus) Raiding Goose Nest

Arctic Terns (Sterna paradisaea)

Defending Nest

Lapland Longspur (Calcarius lapponicus) on Nest

Arctic Ground Squirrel or Sik-sik (Spermophilus parryii)

Brown Lemming (Lemmus trimucronatus)

Caribou (Rangifer caribou) Antlers

Arctic Fox (Alopex lagopus) Den with Two Dead Snow Geese

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Pictures © 1965 J.K. Lindsey

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