Moth Caterpillars

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[B-E], [Erebidae], [Geometridae], [Gracillariidae], [G-No], Nepticulidae, [Noctuidae], [O-Y], [Tortricidae]

Ectoedemia albifasciella

Ectoedemia argyropeza

Ectoedemia atricollis

Ectoedemia occultella

Ectoedemia rubivora

Ectoedemia septembrella

Ectoedemia weaveri

Stigmella assimilella

Stigmella aurella

Stigmella hemargyrella

Stigmella incognitella

Stigmella magdalenae

Stigmella malella

Stigmella microtheriella

Stigmella nylandriella

Stigmella oxyacanthella

Stigmella perpygmaeella

Stigmella plagicolella

Stigmella roborella

Stigmella ruficapitella

Stigmella salicis

Stigmella splendidissimella

Stigmella tityrella

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[B-E], [Erebidae], [Geometridae], [Gracillariidae], [G-No], Nepticulidae, [Noctuidae], [O-Y], [Tortricidae]

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