Profenusa pygmaea (Klug 1816) (Family Tenthredinidae)

Leaf Mines

Length: 3-4mm
Egg Larva Pupa Adult
? June - July
(Earliest: 28.6)
? May - July

Hedge Rows
(Monophagous Leaf Miner)

Castanea sativa

Quercus robur
Several Ichneumonidae Larvae

Shawiana catenator Larva
Other Possible Parasitoids:
Many Ichneumonidae Larvae

Several Braconidae Larvae

Several Tachinidae Larvae

Nature Spot: Profenusa pygmaea
British Leafminers: Profenusa pygmaea
Leaf and Stem Mines of British Flies: Profenusa pygmaea
Plant Parasites of Europe: Profenusa pygmaea

Pictures © 2003, 2007 J.K. Lindsey


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